Civitas Community Impact Experience

Civitas Education Partners is reimagining schools.

Civitas Education Partners aspires to be a world leader in incubating innovative educational solutions that disrupt the status quo, resulting in the elimination of educational inequity through widespread implementation of transformational practices. For the 2018-2019 school year, Civitas piloted an innovative, startup learning experience for seniors at ChicagoQuest High School.

“A core mission of education is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and inclination to exercise good citizenship and to contribute to the wellbeing of their communities and our country. The Civitas Community Impact Experience program is a promising idea because it couples the application of rich learning with the opportunity for students to discover their curiosities and passions while working to address authentic community challenges. I’m encouraged by the things that students I met who are participating in CCIE are accomplishing, both for themselves and for our larger democratic society.”

– John B. King Jr., 10th U.S. Secretary of Education and President and CEO of The Education Trust 

Civitas Community Impact Experience

The Civitas Community Impact Experience (CCIE) empowers students from ChicagoQuest High School to discover their unique talents, interests and passions in order to impact and serve humanity. CCIE inspires, challenges, and prepares students to impact their communities and the world as consultants, designers, problem-solvers, critical-thinkers, and innovators.

Teams of CCIE student consultants use the City of Chicago and beyond as their classroom and work collaboratively with community partners who reflect the diversity of the workplace: corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

Through the CCIE experience, students earn high school credit as they master course competencies and develop important 21st Century Skills needed to succeed in work and life.