Civitas Community Impact Experience Facilitator Interest Form

CCIE facilitators inspire, challenge, and prepare students to impact their communities. If you possess the qualities listed below, CCIE would like to hear from you!

  • Do you have a passion and personal purpose to specifically work in urban education with and for students of color and students who have been historically disadvantaged?
  • Do you have an unwavering commitment for ALL children, specifically students of color and students who have been historically disadvantaged, to learn and thrive regardless of their circumstances?
  • Do you thrive for the responsibility to lead and intentionally design educational experiences so that ALL children, regardless of their circumstances, are supported, challenged, engaged and inspired to discover their passion and sparks a natural love of learning?
  • Have you demonstrated a belief to inspire passion and a natural love of learning activated through experiences that impact communities, create a more just society, facilitate civic engagement, and catalyze activism?

Tell us about yourself and why you’re interested in becoming a CCIE Facilitator.