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The Civitas Community Impact Experience kicked off in August 2018 to an inaugural class of 35 high school seniors at ChicagoQuest. Read the CCIE Newsletters to learn more about their journey.

March 2019 Newsletter

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Check out the CCIE Podcast series to hear the stories of student consultants, their social ventures, and the experience to impact their communities.

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Students will work with LRNG to redesign a piece of the LRNG interface, in an effort to create a youth facing platform that delivers a positive and engaging youth experience as well as meet the expectations and needs of opportunity youth in Chicago. Through this experience, students will become experts in one or more categories of user experience on the LRNG platform. 

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Follow the journey of the Civitas Community Impact Experience and our prodigious student consultants.


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Monthly Leaks is a CCIE Project with the purpose of addressing inequities targeting incarcerated women and access to personal hygiene products. The Monthly Leaks team has been working with the National Organization for Women and Chicago Period Project. Check out student consultant Diamond Smith, team lead of the Monthly Leaks project, mentioned on Windy City Live…