Civitas Community Impact Experience Partners

Civitas Community Impact Experience Partners are essential.

More than a client, our partners are champions of young people that understand the power of connection, strong relationships, and mentoring. CCIE partners provide our students with opportunities to engage in authentic, real- world experiences, leading to the development of 21st Century skills (problem-solving, collaboration, effective communication, and critical thinking) and ultimately cultivating success for tomorrow’s world.

  • Do you wish you had more time to work on that great idea that would improve your organization’s impact, efficiency or customer experience?
  • Do you wish you had more time to solve a pain point that bothers you and your organization?
  • Imagine you had a team that could focus on your amazing challenge or opportunity.
  • Imagine you had access to free consultants to push your vision and work further.

The Civitas Community Impact Experience has a team of student consultants for you. Propose your organizational challenge or opportunity as a CCIE project.

Why partner with CCIE consultants?

  • CCIE student consultants bring new, youthful ideas and fresh eyes, along with creative design thinking and hard work to find a solution to your challenge or opportunity
  • CCIE student consultants thrive when working on authentic, real-world projects that impact people and communities
  • CCIE student consultants earn high school credit as they designing solutions by mastering content knowledge, core competencies and 21st Century skills

What makes a good CCIE partner?

  • Invested in developing the future workforce
  • Able to commit one hour per week for project meetings
  • Supportive of unanticipated, real-world project developments

Interested in Partnering with CCIE?

Propose your organizational opportunity or challenge and our faculty and students will do the rest. Become a partner today by completing the CCIE Partnership Interest Form.

CCIE Partners