Civitas Community Impact Experience Projects

Passion drives success. CCIE students choose projects that they are passionate about from a pool of diverse projects generate by our community. These authentic projects come from real needs of businesses, entrepreneurial ventures, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, as well as social ventures pitched by students and teachers. Community partners pitch their authentic projects, highlighting project impact, challenges, learning opportunities, and career strands. CCIE students then choose the projects that they are most passionate about.

What makes a good CCIE project?

  • Authentic problem with no predetermined solution that requires a diverse range of knowledge and skills to solve
  • Can be completed within 6 to 10 weeks
  • Not mission critical, yet impacts and benefits people and your organization

Current CCIE Projects

Some current projects CCIE consultants are working on include:

  • Increasing community engagement and business support of neighborhood theaters in Lincoln Park
  • Revitalizing and serving communities through adaptive reuse of abandoned buildings
  • Creating a youth facing web platform that delivers a positive and engaging youth experience
  • Addressing inequities targeting incarcerated women and access to personal hygiene products
  • Creating a gallery exhibition and social media campaign to showcase the journey of formerly incarcerated men at risk for violence or recidivism

Click on the graphic below for an interactive list of CCIE Projects our student consultants are working on: